EI4EI is a division of deTech Group LLC, a family-owned enterprise built on a foundation of more than 30 years experience in helping families with special needs. EI4EI was created to provide innovative, progressive solutions for individuals, groups, families and organizations involved with Early Intervention and children with developmental disabilities.

EI4EI offers secure information technology for virtual conferencing. EI4EI Conferencing offers Web, Audio and Video conferencing and services for Webcasting and Podcasting with guaranteed reliability and individual background monitoring service. Our dedication to Early Intervention (EI) and the families utilizing EI makes EI4EI the best choice for your conferencing needs.

In addition EI4EI offers secure HIPAA compliant storage, transmission and retrieval of records, forms and personal information. This is accomplished using a custom-designed validated and authenticated "call and response" process of communication.

For more information about EI4EI Conferencing services and/or our exclusive HIPAA compliant data transmission system, please visit www.ei4ei.com or call 732-963-9600.